Friday, May 10, 2013

Why Do We Need Organic Architecture ?

Organic Architecture is a kind of Architecture that considers human being as the center of design and integrates Nature as its surrounding. Climatic conditions, available material and geography have always given character to the design of such architecture. The term 'Organic' was introduced by Frank Lloyd Wright into his philosophy of architecture as early as in 1908. More so, Italian writer and Professor Bruno Zevi, tried to clarify the essence of the idea of Organic through his books - Towards an Organic Architecture (1945), How to Look at Architecture (1948) and his Magazines. He classified architecture into two types - Organic and Inorganic and defined 15 fundamental characteristics of each. Thus, Organic Architecture evolved into a kind of architecture that re interpreted Nature's principles to build that kind of architectures that were more natural than the nature itself.

Organic Architecture involves respect for the properties of the materials, respect for the harmonious relationship between design and the function of the Building and attempts to integrate the surrounding context and the structure. Wright has given few characteristics of an Organic Architecture, which are continuity, plasticity, integrity, character, discipline and tenuity. One can also examine the examples of such Architecture with reference to the physical aspects such as - space-building, site-building, form-function-construction, material-building, and scale-building. Such parametric analysis can aid in evaluation or comparison to each other and the qualitative analysis will represent the execution of Wright’s ideas and approach.

Nature grows from the Idea of a seed and reaches out to its surroundings likewise Organic Architecture uses Nature as the basis of its design and its structures grow inside out. This process avoids preconceived design practices of most architects and instead thrusts in the rigors of the natural design process, thus demanding a commitment to create something truly beautiful. The vision of the clients/ occupants, their personal habits etc are uniquely compounded, transformed into a portrait and synthesized into a build-able form. Thus what is truly ORGANIC about the Architecture is the Vision of Life of its occupants  and this journey of self discovery for them. This has been rightly asserted by Michelangelo who held that " the knowledge of the human figure was vital to a comprehension of architecture."

The vitality of Organic Architecture is rooted in a passion for nature, its natural forms, life and the flow of energy between. This expressive form is sympathetic towards human body, mind and spirit. In an Organic Building we feel Free and in sync with our inner self.



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