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Pros of Green Computing

As energy crisis is at an alarming stage, it is time that we seriously ponder upon making certain significant changes in our respective lifestyles to conserve energy. You need to know that green computing is a smart way to deal with the problem of energy crisis. It is practicable to curb carbon emissions, protect our environment as well as save energy with the help of green approach. 

Several tools and technologies are available that will make the task of green computing a workable alternative for sensible environmental conservation and energy usage.

Advantages are as below:

•    Cloud Computing
It is an innovative technology to help save significant energy usage. Cloud computing includes replacement of regular services with virtual servers. The distinct areas where this technology finds it use are for software application, operating systems, networking and data storage. According to certain studies, it is now possible to save around 90% of energy spent in a firm of hundred employees.

•    Recycling
With recycling, one can save great amount of energy, money and time spent in creating these electronic stuffs. The resources utilized and the money disbursed in creating these electronic stuffs from scratch is anytime an excellent option. Only a negligible percentage of used or discarded electronic items can be recycled. France accumulates a mere 14% of e-waste produced in the nation. Therefore, there is immense scope to recycle electronic stuffs thereby thwarting environmental damage. Conservation of money, electricity and environmental resources is possible with this method.

•    Shutting down your Computers
Shutting down your computers during the night assists to save a substantial amount of electrical energy. The projected amount of the energy used up in a year due to continued computer usage is $115-$160.  Using your PC for just eight hours in a day will help to save around 810 kWh of energy in a year. Many people have a common misconception that shutting down the computers too often will damage them. This is not true, as computers can sustain for 40,000 approx on/off cycles.

Thus, do not worry regarding your PC even if you shut it down regularly. Further, the power supply to printer and scanners ought to be cut off whenever not in use. This will help save significant energy.

•    Enhancing Algorithmic Efficiency
Green computing is also useful for enhancing algorithmic efficacy of the computers. Well-organized algorithm utilizes minimum resources thus, increasing the productivity. Therefore, without enhancing algorithmic efficiency, you cannot expect substantial energy conservation through cloud computing.    

The most imperative advantage of green computing is that one can motivate as well as influence a huge number of individuals and make them understand about its benefits.
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