Friday, November 30, 2012

The Best Ways for Universities to Go Green !!

Green is a popular concept, and universities around the world are focusing on operating in a green manner. The best way to go green, however, often receives little attention. This technique can allow universities to save on their electricity bills and reduce transportation needs. With online classes, universities can go green in a big way.
Online classes require some electricity. Students must use their computers to work, and professors will spend time answering emails and grading assignments. However, many students bring their laptops to class anyway, and classrooms use a considerable amount of electricity for lighting and running the electrical components teachers rely on.
In addition, online classes do not require students to travel. Because of this, these classes can greatly reduce the amount of gasoline that is required to transport students to and from their classes. Professors might also be able to avoid driving to the university as well. Over time, these trips add up, and students who are able to take online courses should consider doing so to help the environment.
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How Universities are Going Green
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GO Green is not give green if your are wearing Green T-shirts or promoting by conducting marathon.Go green means try to use eco friendly methods just like if water leakage is occurring then save it and then used water can be utilized for gardening of plants!!
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I would love that they implement that e-learning course for the summer classes. So that means more vacation time for me and yet still be able to attend class. We can use Google Drive for it.

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