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How to Teach Sustainability to Children

Children and Nature go hand in hand as made for each other partners do.Through the inspiration of nature a Child develops attitude for nature that often serve to protect the environment. As population rises, resources are depleted smarter usage of Energy resources and development of alternative sources of energy is imperative to sustain the quality of life on our planet. It is harder for Adults to adapt and change than it is for younger people who are still searching for their ideals and principles. To make your child a better land steward,Environment education can help in many ways. As environmental awareness has increased,today's children are in a better position to learn and to appreciate the necessary and required sweeping changes for a better and a sustainable life on earth. 

Before such enthusiasm and positive action begins adults must provide for two things to their children. Firstly, they must introduce their children to a natural environment and allow the children to become a part of it. Secondly, through this children should be able to instill the natural love for the environment and take actions to protect their environment.

Nature Walks & Talks, Understanding the importance of Gardening -
The best way to learn Sustainability is to get down and get dirty. Give your child a patch in your garden to dig into,Feel the Earth and Weed the plant. This will teach them to be responsible to feed and water the plant. Even if you live in an apartment, you can buy a pot and ask your child to plant in it,paint the pot and water it.
Take time out from your work or during your holidays plan for a camping in wooded areas. Depending upon the age of your child you can explain the Eco-system, teach the different kinds of species of plants and animals there and how the balance among all this is essential for our survival and existence on Earth.

Teach your Child making Crafts, Handmade papers and Composting
As your child grows up and learns his responsibilities towards the nature, he will appreciate the importance of crafts and how it can be used for various purposes.Teaching crafts to your child has an additional benefit that is your child understands the importance of Recycling,Reducing and Reusing. As this becomes a second habit of your child to create useful such useful articles he will learn to identify materials that can be Recycled and Reused.
Also, buy a compost kit and teach your child to dispose the waste generated in an organic way. This will teach your child to interact with nature in a sustainable way and will be a Fun DIY project too.

Enroll Credit or Debit cards for Green rewards program;Encourage Alternative Transit Options
When your child opens a bank account guide him to enroll for rewards program for Green Causes.Also, teach him the importance of mitigating his Carbon footprint. So, while making transactions your child will be actively involved in reducing the carbon footprint of his transaction and hence deal in a more sustainable way. For example while booking his airline tickets he can pay for nominal charges towards reducing his carbon footprint of the travel. This will add on to his Green rewards program too.

When your child turns 16 instead of helping him to buy a new vehicle encourage him to use the public transport or a bike. Getting a drivers license is a privilege,however it comes with an increased responsibility towards the environment sustainability.

Encourage your child to be more Sustainable 
To make your child more responsible towards nature discuss with him/her the following questions and keep updating them with new developments or so.

What is Global Warming and how it can affect him/her ?
What are renewable and non renewable resources?
How to reduce pollution,wastage and environmental degradation ?
What is an Ecological Footprint and what are the ways to reduce it ?
What is an organic food?
What is fair trade and what are the products associated with it ?
What are the ways to conserve energy ?

Questions such as these will add a definite thinking platform within your child. More so, as your child will learn to make conscious choices for him slowly and surely these choices will turn out to be more environmentally conscious.

Useful resources can be found here at the Environmental Protection Agency Website (EPA) - 
Free Downloadable lesson plans on Sustainability can be Accessed from Teaching Sustainability to Children (By Schools that Can).
Research level development and resources can be found here at - Sustainable Schools .



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